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If you are searching for an affordable no driver license car insurance policy then you are at the right place. We can help you in securing a cheap car coverage despite your not having valid driver license. Little need to worry even if you don’t have driver’s license, you are a recent immigrant or your driver license has been suspended on account of DUI/DWI conviction. We might still enable you to get and compare the best free quotes online within a span of few minutes!

Act now to get started for finding your low cost car insurance no drivers’ license proposals. Fill and submit a quick online application form that hardly takes some seconds to complete. Receive multiple quotes from top rated insurers in your local area and identify the best insurer for your situation. Our local expert will assist you during the quote comparison process to make task easy.

Points To Consider When Getting Auto Insurance for Unlicensed Drivers

If you are wondering whether getting car insurance without a license is possible or not, you would be pleased to know, Yes! It is possible. Though the process is a little complex as compared to getting usual car insurance, you can make it easier and successful by considering some points while applying for car insurance for no license drivers.

  • Choose primary driver :For a primary driver in your policy, you must select the name of the driver closer to you, such as your partner, family member, or a blood relative. You must not give your car to anyone you can’t trust, so choose the primary drivers wisely.
  • You as an excluded driver : As you don’t have a license, it means you have to add your name to the car insurance policy as an excluded driver. The name of a person added as a primary driver has the right to buy car insurance for you. But, some auto insurance companies do not allow you to buy coverage in such circumstances. So, you must look for insurance companies that provide such kinds of high-risk policies.
  • Primary driver resides with you or not : In a case, a person added as a primary driver is not your spouse but lives in your home, you can become an insured person even though you are not included as a driver in your car insurance policy. If a primary driver resides somewhere else, they are allowed to insure your car but the car is not titled to him/her. So, don’t forget to mention the name of a person the car is titled to.
  • Add co-owner of your car :If you are getting difficulty in getting car insurance without a license, you have the option to add the primary driver as a co-owner of the vehicle. It is the best idea that can also help you in avoiding various car insurance issues, especially when you don’t have a license. This way you can get the required coverage, but again make sure to choose the trusted person as a primary driver.

4 Simple & Easy Steps To Get Cheap Auto Insurance Without Drivers License

You may need to buy auto insurance no drivers’ license cover in certain peculiar situations. Here is some vital information pertaining to the same which you may find extremely useful.

You have personal driver

You are a disabled or an elderly person who owns a car and needs a driver to take you around for any work you might have in the town, you can think of purchasing a no driver license auto insurance coverage. But insurer will require details of driver’s name and license as well as information relating to past driving history.

Judgement order by court

You may be needed to buy car insurance with no driver’s license if you have been caught driving car without valid driver’s license and court has passed a judgement against you as well as an order to get driver license. Nevertheless, you must know that few insurers offer coverage to unlicensed drivers. You can get their names from traffic court.

License is under suspension

Buying a no drivers license car insurance policy may be a necessity if your driver’s license has been suspended for any reason but the premium will be significantly higher than that charged for normal car covers. Besides, to get this type of auto insurance cover, you might also have to give an explanation which is verifiable by your driving record.

Building good driving record

Car insurance without driver’s license can be secured for building good driving records. However, at the time of exploring your options, check if high down payments are required to be paid. Get free no driver license auto insurance quotes from different top rated car insurers in your local area and verify this before signing any deal with one of them.

Can You Get Car Insurance Without A Driver's License? Just Find Out Now

If you are thinking, “Can I get car insurance without a driver's license?” then you need to be aware that such a proposition can be a perfect reality these days. It is possible to locate companies that specialize in providing cheap auto insurance coverage to unlicensed drivers as well as those whose driver licenses have been suspended for whatsoever reasons.

Here are some reasons because of which you may have to get car insurance for unlicensed drivers at lower premium.

  • You have become old and you need a driver with valid license to drive your owned car.
  • You have developed some disability due to which you are not in a position to drive car regularly.
  • You have been convicted for a DUI or DWI offense leading to suspension of your driver’s license and you still need to drive car legally on road for going to work or any other purposes.

Can You Get Auto insurance without a Driver’s License?

As it is said earlier that getting auto insurance without a license is possible. But, if you follow a few tips, you can make this process easier and stress-free.

  • Get SR-22 : When your driving license gets suspended, you need to have SS-22 insurance. Some insurance companies do not offer this kind of insurance policy. So, it is advised to find the companies that provide SR-22 insurance to the drivers who do not have a license. You must also know that this insurance policy may be a little more expensive than the others.
  • Add another person as a primary driver : If you own a car but you cannot drive it as a result of a suspended license, you can still buy an insurance policy by adding someone else’s name as the primary driver. In this case, the primary driver must have a license.
  • Remove your name as a driver : In case you do not have a valid license, it is quite difficult to get your vehicle insured in your name. There are some insurance companies that consider you as a high-risk policyholder and in order to get you a car insurance policy that wants to ensure that you will not drive your car. So, in such a situation, it is better to remove your name as a driver in your car insurance policy. It simply means that you will be able to insure your car, but you will not be covered while driving your car.

    Many drivers, who do not have a license, have to face the challenges when looking for an auto insurance company offering insurance to their car. So, you need to spend some time finding the right company to obtain the coverage you actually need.
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Getting car insurance for unlicensed driver may appear to be an absurd idea but you can actually find companies which provide such types of car coverage. While driving laws in the United States make it mandatory for drivers to have valid driver licenses for driving cars on road, many people, who drive cars, don’t have driver license as per reports. And in the absence of proper car insurance coverage, things can go terribly wrong if cars were to meet with accidents.

The internet is the right place to locate firms that offer cheap car insurance for non licensed drivers. By buying auto insurance policy despite your not having valid driver’s license, you could protect your finances in the event of an unforeseen occurrence like accident. We can assist you in indentifying the best quote for your specific driving needs and budget. Just give us details of your exact vehicle insurance requirements and leave the rest to be taken care of by one of our experts.

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